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Is George H.W. Bush Really Prescott Bush's Son? Or Is He The Son Of Inventor Nikola Tesla's 
German-Born Accountant, George H. Scherff, Sr.? 

Eric Orion in his yet to be published book, The Bush Connection, claims SS Nazi, Otto Skorzeny, told him in a death 
bed confession that Bush has been lying all along about his identity and was born in Germany, the son of Tesla's 

21 Jan 2006 

By Greg Szymanski 

The history books say Hitler's personal body guard and henchman Otto Skorzeny died in 1975. 

Eric Orion of Florida says the former Nazi killer was alive and well only a few years ago, living under a fake CIA 
alias as a south Florida carpenter. 

According to Orion, Skorzeny died several years ago at the ripe old age of 95 but not before he spilled out his guts 
to him in a death bed confession. 

And after hearing Skorzeny' s story — a story so bizarre and incredible — it simply leaves mouths hanging wide 
open, wondering how in the world this could happen in America. 

"I was dating this girl in south Florida and her father turned out to be the feared Nazi SS body guard to Hitler, Otto 
Skorzeny," said Orion in an extended conversation from his Florida home, adding Skorzeny spilled the beans 
himself, not his x-girlfriend who remains tight lipped about her father's past. "When I met him, he was 90 but 
looked a lot younger. He was 6'4" with the biggest hand I ever shook in my life." 

Recently, Orion also was a guest on Greg Szymanski's radio show, The Investigative Journal, where he claimed, 
based on Skorzeny's allegations, the American government has been lying since 1945 about the identities and 
whereabouts of thousands of former Nazis given safe haven and living in America today. 

Orion also said Skorzeny gave him "a shoebox full" of never before published pictures, linking many high-ranking 
American officials to Nazi war criminals, as well as information that George H. Bush has been lying about his true 
identity and was really the adopted son of Prescott Bush. 

He also claims that Hitler was given safe haven in America and Nazi criminals, Dr. Josef Mengele, nicknamed the 
Angel of Death, and Nazi SS killer, Reinhard Gehlen, were still alive and walking the streets of America as of three 
years ago. 

"I met with Skorzeny on three separate occasions for roughly five hours and he said that George H.W. Bush was 
and is a SS Nazi spy born in Germany as George H. Scherff, Jr.," said Orion. "He told me that Bush was really the 
son of Dr. Nikola Tesla's German born, illegal immigrant accountant, George H. Scherff, Sr., being later adopted by 
Prescott Bush. 

"Apparently, according to Skorzeny, in 1938, Hitler sent 14-year-old George Jr. to befriend, spy and kill Tesla, who 
later on Jan. 6, 1943, was actually killed by Skorzeny and SS Nazi Reinhard Gehlen. Bush, however, later forged a 
birth certificate while Prescott Bush, a kn own Nazi, adopted him, covered his real identity and later helped him join 

the Navy under false pretenses." 

Asked if he thought Skorzeny had any reason to lie and why he was chosen to hear his deathbed confession, Orion 

"No, I believe he is for real. His pictures matched up with the history books and he told me he was coming forward 
with this information because the Bush family had cheated him out of a lot of money over the years. In the end, I 
think he wanted to get even and there were so many specifics that later I verified, leading me to believe he was 
telling me the truth. 

"I also spent five years researching this information and have written a book, called The Bush Connection, yet to be 
published. Like I said my book took five years of painstaking research to complete and my motivation was to show 
Americans how our government illegally brought over 50,000 Nazis to America to create a New World Order and 
Fourth Reich in America under the guidance of George H. Bush. 

"I also want to say that I've learned throughout the course of my research that our government is still protecting 
these Nazis, like they did Skorzeny up until his death." 

After learning about the damaging Bush information and the underground network to hide Nazis, Orion went to the 
Justice Department for help but instead received nothing but harassment and death threats. 

"They came after me big time," he said. "Right after I told them I was at my girlfriend's house and her mother went 
white as a ghost after receiving a phone call. I think she was informed that I was on to her husband's identity. 

"That night after I left Skorzeny's house, I was followed, run off the road and it looked like one of the men in the 
car had a handgun. They are also tracking my mail, as well as hacking into my computer and keeping a close eye 
on my activities." 

Besides the Bush allegations, Skorzeny laid several other bombshells on Orion, including the truth about Adolph 
Hitler's death and that Bush's role as a war hero was intentionally fabricated. 

"Skorzeny told me he helped fake Hitler's suicide in 1945 and actually shot Hitler's double between the eyes, 
leaving him there in place of Adolph," said Orion. "He then said that he flew off with Hitler and SS Nazi pilot 
Hanna Reitsch to safety in Austria. Skorzeny then told me he turned himself in to Americans and later helped co- 
found the American CIA with Nazi George H. Scherff, Jr., aka George H. Bush." 

Orion also said that Skorzeny confirmed reports that already surfaced in the New York Post made by an old war 
buddy of Bush, Chester Mierzejewski, who questioned Bush’s account of how his plane went down during World 
War II, leading to his so-called "hero status." 

In the article, Mierzejewski, who was a recipient of The Distinguished Flying Cross, claimed he had a bird’s eye 
view of the Bush cockpit when he saw Bush abandon his crew and bail out, leaving his two crew members to die. 

Robert Flood, a former B-17 bombardier, also claimed Bush was "no war hero," saying he violated the primary rule 
for a captain of a multi-crew aircraft. 

"The pilot never leaves the airplane with anybody in it," said Flood. 

Orion said that Skorzeny told him the CIA is really Hitler's "Third Reich" in America, the agency being created to 
manipulate intelligence and lie to the American people. 

Going back to the stolen Tesla technology and the CIA's role, he added: 

"The CIA uses stolen Tesla technology, according to Skorzeny, to spy on Americans and manipulate the weather. 
There are thousands of satellites orbiting the earth that project high intensity positively charged laser beams to 
certain areas on the earth. These positively charged laser beams enable the New Word Order Nazis/C. I. A. to use 
their stolen Tesla Technology to manipulate the weather & to transmit extremely low frequency "elf waves with 
subliminal messages for mind control purposes. 

"When HAARP is active, giant space based lasers simultaneously aim their beams to a central "spot" on earth. That 
"spot" will then experience severe droughts, hurricanes, tornados or earthquakes. Spontaneous Human Combustion 
or "SHC" occurs when these lasers are pointed directly at human beings. 

"Hurricane Katrina was allegedly a man-made disaster. Bush was quick to mention that it was a "natural disaster." 

It was created to distract America's attention away from Bush's latest unqualified fascist neo-con, Supreme Court of 
Injustice appointees. 

"Eyewitnesses allegedly saw the levees in New Orleans being blown up by US soldiers after they had survived the 
storm intact. Katrina was a low, Category 3 storm. Not a CAT 4 or 5 as initially claimed! The levees were 
intentionally blown up to help Bush’s neo-con insurance company cronies. Most homes are covered by wind 
damage insurance only. Not flooding. If the houses were damaged by flooding instead of wind damage then the 
insurance companies do not have to pay out any claims. 

"This man-made diversion allowed Bush & OPEC the opportunity to "rape" the American tax payers once again by 
increasing the price of gas for no legitimate reason other than to make billions of dollars of profit at their expense!"